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Secret Concerts

Secret Concerts

You have discovered us! You didn't know where you were going or who you were going to see... But here you are. Are you ready to discover a new way to enjoy live music? Today you will listen to different artists who want to share their own original music with you. And you have as much voice as they do in this concert. You are going to have them very close and you will be able to quench your curiosity by asking them what you want about their creative process. All while enjoying your favorite drink on a charming Menorcan terrace, surrounded by just a few like you: adventurous music lovers. We are just going to ask you to keep silent during the concert and remember to make your contribution at the end of it, so we can continue expanding this project with many new faces and voices. And if you liked it, tell everyone. Just don't tell them where or who. If you liked it to the core, you can also follow us on social networks and see everything we do: @wanderlustmenorca Now relax, turn off your phone and let yourself go.

Secret Concerts
Spain Music

Mahón, Balearic Islands, Spain

Telephone: 623 101 687
aug. 9 to aug. 31mon to thu From 12:00AM to 12:00AM
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