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Craft jewellery workshop, where fine metals are combined with other materials, to create contemporary and original jewellery. With a constant concern for design and innovation, Núria creates pieces that openly claim to be different, in which you can find, as an example, titanium, niobium, wood or pigmented sands, depending on the creative moment of the artisan. These pieces of Mediterranean air, have their roots in the environment of the island: colours, textures, sensations and natural forms that are thought, designed and developed in her small workshop, since more than a decade already. She also makes commissioned jobs. Núria is an accredited artisan in Menorca and she was granted to use the stamp ¨Artesania de Menorca¨, which is a quality mark awarded on the island to distinguish professional artisans.

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Núria Deyà
Spain Crafts

12 A Carrer Ciutadella

Neighborhood: Ferreries
Telephone: 971 373 523
E-mail: Send an email
Website: Visit the website
WeekdaysFrom 10:00AM to 01:30PM
From 05:00PM to 08:00PM
satFrom 10:00AM to 01:30PM
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