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Peace and harmony in the centre of Minorca Es Mercadal is in the centre of Minorca. The village is set at the base of Toro Mountain (the island's highest) and a visit to the Virgen del Toro (Minorca's patron saint) Sanctuary is well worthwhile. The village is surprising for its whitewashed houses, quiet streets, and for buildings like the San Martín Renaissance Church, the 18th century well, and the Cap de Cavallería Eco-Museum, which has open-air exhibits and beautiful views. The San Martín fiestas, held in July, fill Es Mercadal with joy and tradition, with the spectacular "jaleo" (where horses dance to music). We should also mention the delicious local sweets and desserts, made according to ancient recipes, such as "amargos" and "crespellines" (biscuits made with almonds).

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