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Socioculturla centre of Ferreries

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Socioculturla centre of Ferreries

This space can house a range of cultural and free-time activities, as it serves as both a municipal exhibition hall and a conference room. Meetings can also be held here by entities who ask to reserve the space, as can courses, yoga, dance and ballroom dancing classes. Right now the Sociocultural Centre is one of the municipal spaces with the highest occupancy, and there is no question that it offers an inestimable service to the entities of Ferreries and the Town Hall itself. The building also houses the pensioners’ residence.

Socioculturla centre of Ferreries
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Carrer Reverend Pare Huguet, 48, Ferreries

Neighborhood: Ferreries
Telephone: 971 373 003
E-mail: Send an email
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