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Can Saura

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Can Saura

Palau Saura 1693-1712, Joan Amorós For most of the seventeenth century the master builders who built the finest Menorcan buildings came from Mallorca. The members of the Amorós family had a key and hegemonic influence on the island, which reached more than 40 years, between 1670 and 1710, a period of great construction activity, especially in Ciutadella. The Amoros developed their own style centered on the ornaments of pillars, domes, cornices, arches, etc., based on braids that personalized their works. One of the few buildings built by Joan Amorós was the Saura Palace on Calle del Santíssim on Calle dels Dolors. As in other stately houses of Ciutadella and in some of Maó, the plant is organized around the entrance space and the stairway that become a semipublic route that leads to the great noble room on the first floor. The octagonal vault that crowns the staircase box is one of the most interesting architectural elements of the palaces of Ciutadella. In the main façade the composition of the small windows of the second floor, with the cornice very flown and ornamented, that extend to the lateral facade and manage to give a great unity to the set. The Palace Saura was acquired by the City Council of Ciutadella in the last years of the millennium with clearly cultural aims. The interest of the building, except its magnificent façade, is centered in the dependencies of its ground floor, conserved the majority in its original form, and in the garden. Ownership: municipal

Can Saura
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Carrer Santíssim, 2, Menorca

Neighborhood: Ciutadella
nahe Orte Can Saura

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