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Cala Pregonda is situated at 10 kilometres from es Mercadal, located between Platja de Binimel.là and Cap de s'Alairó. In front of its coast you can see Illot and Esculls de Pregonda (habitat of the rare seagull Audouin). This beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful and less frequented beaches of the abrupt northern Menorca. It is nearly virgin, quiet and it has a low influx of local visitors and tourists, it is the result of a sea inlet which is the origin of a u-shaped bay, which includes an interesting system of dunes at the rear. These dunes have been formed parallel to the orientation of the wind in this area. the size of this coastal corner is not very big (170 metres long). There is a hill in the east and some cliffs in the west, which belong to the Àrea Natural d'Especial Interès of the northern coast of Menorca in the surroundings. The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are good if you are careful, the beach is closed by some small islands in the north, with a dangerous strait, and it is very open to the winds from the north. Nevertheless, it has a sandy ground at a depth of about three metres, and turquoise crystal clear water. The accessibility is rather complicated. You can only reach it going along the coast from Platja de Binimel.là. The visitor has to walk about 20 minutes on a stone and mud trail. When the beach has a lifeguard service, you must follow the lifeguards' instructions and the warnings on flags. A red flag indicates dangerous swimming conditions and means that swimming is not permitted. A yellow flag indicates that precaution must be taken, but that swimming is permitted. A green flag indicates that swimming is permitted. An orange flag is used to indicate that the lifeguard is absent. Act cautiously when no lifeguard is present or the service is not available and enjoy the beach without taking any unnecessary risks. For health and safety reasons, the municipal ordinances ban pets on beaches. Main technical data Type of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boats Access for disabled people: No Anchoring zone: yes

Travelers reviews
Number of user reviews:104.6
  • Cala Pregonda

    Preciosa. Ideal para practicar snorkel. Fondo marino impresionante. De las que más me han gustado. Eso si, 30 minutos desde el parking pero merece la pena.

  • Cala Pregonda

    Sencillamente espectacular. Enclave marciano. Nada que ver con la idea que uno tiene de Menorca, lo que la hace especial. Ideal para snorkel. Sin duda, visita obligada.

  • Cala Pregonda

    Preciosa cala. eso si, para llegar a ella hay que andar media hora. y antes tiene un a pista de piedras de unos 2 o 3 kms. El ir a nado hasta los islotes. esos 50mts, no tiene precio. un fondo acuatico precioso.

  • Cala Pregonda

    Praia magnífica. É muito cansativo chegar até ela pois o percurso tem que ser feito a pé, mas vale bem a pena o esforço. Praia calma com água quente e cristalina

  • Cala Pregonda

    Plage peu fréquentée mais marche interminable pour y accéder!!! À faire une fois

  • Cala Pregonda

    Cala de contrastes que la convierten en un entorno precioso

  • Cala Pregonda

    La spiaggia più bella dell'isola,un forte contrasto di colori, un mare cristallino e una pace indescrivibile.

  • Cala Pregonda

    Il percorso per arrivarci è faticoso ma fantastico. Consiglio di andare alla fine dove si trova una piccola laguna protetta davanti ad un villino bianco privato.

  • Cala Pregonda

    Fantastico! Seguire il sentiero sul mare verso nord e arriverete a piedi in 25 minuti.

  • Cala Pregonda

    Para mi y mi familia una de las mejores playas de Menorca . Prácticamente virgen . Lo único que desde el parking hay unos 30 minutos andando . Espectacular

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