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Camí de Cavalls - Tramo1: Maó- Es Grau

Camí de Cavalls | Maó - Mahón
Camí de Cavalls - Tramo1: Maó- Es Grau

Maó - es Grau The first section begins at the end of Maó’s port and continues by road to the small village of Sa Mesquida, where there is a defence tower that was built during the British rule of the island in the 18th century. From the tower, the influence of wind and salt on the landscape is evident. The Tramuntana wind leaves its mark on coastal vegetation, especially the socarrells; an endemic bush with strong, thorny branches that is shaped like a cushion, the shape is because of its exposure to harsh weather conditions.     Along the route, there are coves of great natural value, such as Macar de Binillautí (pebble beach), which is attached to a marsh. The final section of the route leads into farmland, which together with wild olive trees, forms a typical Minorcan landscape, one of farms or llocs. Characteristics Distance: 10,00 Difficulty level: Medium

Camí de Cavalls - Tramo1: Maó- Es Grau
Spain Camí de Cavalls

Neighborhood: Maó - Mahón
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