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Its bay is an excellent area for sailing. Fornells is on the northern coast of Minorca. It is a peaceful fishing village whose bay is one of the biggest natural harbours on this Balearic Island (five kilometres long and two wide). There are a series of small beaches around the bay, along with the island of Las Sargantanes, where there is a fort that was built under English rule. Fornells has inspired many artists and is within a protected nature area. It is an ideal area for sailing. Don't visit the village without trying one of Minorca's gastronomic specialities: lobster casserole. At the end of July the San Antonio fiestas take place with the traditional "jaleo", with horses jumping up and down to the sound of music.

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    Bellissima spiaggia selvaggia, immersa nella natura. Meglio se la raggiungete dalla strada che porta anche al faro di Cavalleria perché così non bisogna passare tra le case del borgo. Presente piccolo parcheggio ed è quindi consigliabile di andarci al mattino presto.

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