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Born Square

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It is the main town square and old parade. It contains the following buildings: City Hall, the former royal palace, built over a Moorish castle, which was on late Roman remains, the obelisk, 22 feet high and located in the center of the square, built in the mid last century to commemorate the Turkish assault in 1558, the gazebo, located over the walls of the seventeenth century and from where there is the port, the theater of Born, located where in the eighteenth century was an English barracks, built in 1873 and a neoclassical facade, the Torresaura Palace , the first third of the nineteenth century, combining French neoclassical influence with elements of Italian reminiscences; Salort Palace, from the same period and forming together with the previous and neoclassical style, and the Church Sant Francesc , founded in the thirteenth century, destroyed by the Turkish assault in 1558, and restored and renovated at various times.

Born Square
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Plaça Born, 12, Menorca

Neighborhood: Ciutadella
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