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Ses Roques Llises

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Ses Roques Llises

Megalithic gravesite from the pre-Talayotic period (2nd millennium BC) What we call megalithic gravesites are collective tombs from the pre-Talayotic period that can be dated from between 1800 and 1600 BC. One of the best-known ones is Ses Roques Llises, around 300 metres south of the large Talayotic settlement of Torre d'en Galmés. It consists of a funeral chamber made up of large slabs placed on their edges, which are also covered with horizontal slabs. This funeral chamber can be entered through one of the slabs with a hole bored into it, which is still easily visible after crossing a small corridor. The entire complex was covered with soil and stones, making a small mound. Currently you can only see some of the slabs from the funeral chamber and remains of the corridor and the retaining wall. The deceased were placed in the funeral chamber with objects (ceramics, bone and metal items), some of which were rescued in the excavation. How to get there: On the Alaior-Son Bou motorway, take the turnoff to the left indicating Torre d'en Galmés. Around 700 metres after the entrance to the car park of the settlement is the Ses Roques Llises gravesite.

Ses Roques Llises
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