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The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola

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Its strategic situation at the mouth of the Port of Mahon made it a key point in the island's defence system. The Fortress of Isabel II, built between 1850 and 1875 on one of the most beautiful sites on the island of Menorca, is one of the finest examples of late nineteenth-century military architecture. Its strategic situation at the mouth of the Port of Mahon made it a key point in the island's defence system. Nowadays, the fortress, which is also known as La Mola, represents an invaluable historical-military legacy set in a natural enclave of the first order. The fortress was built in response to unrelenting pressure from the British, who threatened to return to the island and use it as a naval base in their skirmishes with the French to gain control of the Mediterranean. Mediterranean waters were not calm after the Napoleonic Wars concluded in 1815 and the intersection of French and British sea-lanes had caused tensions to mount. The fortress was outdated even before the construction work was finished. Instead of old-fashioned muzzle-loading guns, powerful breech-loading artillery was being designed with bored barrels to stabilise projectiles and improve accuracy. This meant that the island's entire defence system had to be reconceived and so a series of coastal artillery batteries were erected outside the walled fortification which defended the island's coasts from a distance. With their powerful projectiles, they were capable of warding off any kind of invading vessel. The periodic complementary activities organised inside the fortress include astronomical observations, photograph contests, exhibitions and antique markets. Guided tours Audioguides are available for those who wish to tour the fortress and get to know its salient features on their own. Recommendations ◦ We recommend the use of comfortable clothing and footwear on your tour of La Mola. ◦ For safety reasons you are not permitted to leave the estabished route, or enter buildings in a poor state of repair. ◦ Please would you fully respect the historical and natural Heritage preserved within La Mola peninsula. ◦ Children, minors, or those persons who do not have sufficient legal autonomy, should be watched at all times by a responsible adult. Admission Fees : Adult Admission: 8.00€ Admission 10% discount: ◦ Students. ◦ Young persons card. ◦ Numerous Family ◦ Water Taxi Clients. ◦ Clients from collaborating entities. Admission 20% discount: ◦ Groups of 20 adults or more. ◦ Special campaingns with collaborating entities. Special Admission: ◦ Senior Admission: 5.50€ ◦ Youngsters from 12 to 16: 5.50€ ◦ Menorca residents. Reduced admision: ◦ 6 to 12s: 4.00€ Free Admission: ◦ Under 6 s.

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  • The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola

    Incontournable ! Merveilleuse promenade

  • The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola

    Siendo el día 26/6 a las 13 hs la entrada estaba cerrada con candado. Había un auto dentro con 3 personas que al vernos llegar, hicieron un comentario, marcha atrás y no contestaron a nuestras preguntas. Sopongo que son trabajadores que no querían trabajar

  • The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola

    Super divertit per visitar, però millor un dia ennuvolat perquè sinó es passa molta calor. Hi ha vistes molt boniques i pots fer-te fotos xulíssimes.

  • The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola

    Verlo en un día que este nublado

  • The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola

    Une visite à recommander aux familles, le parking gratuit à proximité de la citadelle facilite l'accès , la vue sur la baie de Mao est panoramique et magnifique avec un tarif très correct. On vous remettra un audiophone en français. Tous ceux qui ont des enfants de 6 à 16 ans peuvent s'aventurer dans cette immense citadelle avec des VTT ou des navettes électriques. Peu de monde en début d'après midi : horaire à recommander donc !

  • The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola

    Es impresionante de grande y bien hecha !!! en el 1850. nadie lo haría ahora, me encantó alquilar el bugui nos ahorro mucho camino y sin así estuvimos casi 2 horas y no vimos todo. Muy interesante todo y la historia te deja atónita... como ornaban los antiguos en definitiva si tenéis tiempo muy recomendable

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The Fortress of Isabel II at la Mola
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