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The Trepucó settlement

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The Trepucó settlement is one of Minorca's finest megalithic archaeological sites, thanks to its gigantic talayot and well-preserved taula. The talayotic settlement in Trepucó, which was excavated by English archaeologist Margaret Murray in 1931 and declared a Historical-Artistic Monument that same year, is located approximately two kilometres from Mahon on the road to Sant Lluís. This approximately 5000-square-metre talayotic was originally surrounded by a wall, of which only several sections and two square defence towers in the western wall have survived. Archaeological findings have revealed that there were at least seven talayots originally, of which two have survived. The central talayot, a solid structure with a small window in the upper section, is one of Minorca's largest. The star-shaped building near the talayot was erected in the eighteenth century by the French army during their attempts to wrest Mahon from the English. Attached to the wall is a second, smaller talayot in a well-preserved condition. To the left of the settlement is a magnificent taula, a prehistoric monument for worship, which was reconstructed in the early 1970s. The section in the rear was reinforced to prevent it from collapsing. Visits to the Trepucó settlement are free of charge.

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  • The Trepucó settlement

    Très bel endroit, les ruines sont impressionnantes ! Par contre il faut naviguer dans de petites rues avant de le trouver, ne vous découragez pas ça en vaut le détour! De plus le site est gratuit

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The Trepucó settlement
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