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The island of Menorca is an open-air museum where the stones speak of a mysterious past. One of the most impressive Talayotic sites is that of Torralba d¿en Salord. Its taula precinct is spectacular. The scholars Peter Hochsieder and Doris Knösel have described Talayotic monuments as ¿masterpieces of power in equilibrium; they are architecture and sculpture at the same time, they are thoughts converted into stone¿. A visit to the Talayotic settlement of Torralba is a true example of this. The site is located halfway between Maó and Alaior. It was inhabited from the Prehistoric Period up to the Middle Ages, and conserves a spectacular hypostile chamber, fragments of walls, caves, a Talayotic dwelling, a large talayot (prehistoric tower), and remains of another smaller one. But the most spectacular feature is its taula precinct, 4.30 metres high and surrounded by lateral pilasters, a common feature in this type of monument. The taula consists of a large horizontal stone supported on top of a vertical one. It has the shape of a table, hence its name (¿taula¿ means ¿table¿ in Catalan). However, it also looks like an enormous T, which has become a symbol impossible to decipher. Monument exclusive to Menorca The taula is a construction which is exclusive to Menorca, more elegant and developed that the other prehistoric monuments discovered. It continues to be a mystery as to why there are no examples on Mallorca, in spite of it belonging to the same Talayotic culture. These were apparently used as sanctuaries which, at that time, were built in enclaves where a divinity revealed its presence. They were places used for worship, where sacrifices and offerings were offered to the image of the god, and where fires burnt permanently. The place was full of food, statuettes of divinities or votive offerings. The bronze figure of a bull, which has been dated from the 3rd Century BC, appeared in the surroundings of the taula de Torralba and apparently was placed on top of a pedestal base as an object of worship. Another find was a clay perfume burner made in the shape of a goddess¿ head. Nobody knows what these taulas signify, but all coincide in the powerful impact they achieve through simplicity. You can get to the Talayotic settlement of Torralba from Maó, turning off the main road after seven kilometres; and from Alaior, along a road which leaves the centre of the locality.

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  • Torralba d'en Salord

    Un site impressionnant ! La dame de l’accueil était vraiment adorable !! J’ai adoré pouvoir voir différents monuments de différentes époques, cela nous offre une chronologie de l’histoire de l’île très agréable !

  • Torralba d'en Salord

    Poblado magnífico, con la mejor taula de Menorca. Visita obligada

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Torralba d'en Salord
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