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Tower of Fornells

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Fornells Tower, located in the western watchtower entrance to the port of this small town on the north coast of the island of Menorca, was built during the British occupation of Menorca, specifically between 1801 and 1802 to guard the entrance port and the Castel Sant Antoni. The monumental building was constructed from stone and mortar, and its structure is made up of four levels: subsoil holds a cistern excavated and waterproofed with mortar, a ground floor where munitions were stored, the first floor where they kept the garrison and an upper floor which was the artillery platform, where a small oven heated cannonballs up red hot for them and burn enemy ships. Currently, visitors have a permanent exhibition that recreates the different spaces and uses of the tower, as well as having the opportunity to meet the defense system of the Menorca coast between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, from the watchmen on the towers of defense .

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  • Tower of Fornells

    Hard strong wind

  • Tower of Fornells

    bella da lontano

  • Tower of Fornells

    bonito lugar, para sacar unas fotos guapas!

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Tower of Fornells
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Carrer Tramuntana, 137, Fornells

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