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Mirador Puerto Ciutadella

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Located in the back of the rear of the City of Ciutadella de Menorca and occupying one and the terraces of the old fort, this viewpoint is directly above the walls built in the seventeenth century, which were reduced by the end of the last century to appreciate the magnificent views that can be seen from the place. From this location you can see spectacular views of the port of Ciutadella de Menorca, reaching a length of one kilometer and has a maximum width of 50 meters at the mouth ..

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  • Mirador Puerto Ciutadella

    Muy bonito, mucho ambiente, muchos restaurantes, os recomiendo café "balear" buenos pescados y servicio excelente.

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Mirador Puerto Ciutadella
Spain Parks and Nature

Carrer Marina, 37, Menorca

Neighborhood: Ciutadella
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