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Church of Sant Francesc (Ciutadella)

Religious | Ciutadella
Church of Sant Francesc (Ciutadella)

Church of Sant Francesc, founded in the thirteenth century, destroyed by the Turkish assault in 1558, and restored and renovated at various times. Located between the late Gothic and neoclassical severity, the parish church of Sant Francesc de Ciutadella, the ancient church of the Franciscan convent, is the most spacious in the city after the Cathedral of Menorca. The convent was founded by Alfonso III on March of 1287 by giving the Franciscans an orchard and adjoining houses, and was inhabited by monks convent until 1506 when they were replaced by Observant Franciscans. With the Turkish invasion of 1558 the buildings were completely destroyed and 12 of his brothers brought to Constantinople. The first church was built four chapels on each side between 1569 and 1572, should not have to be appropriate.

Church of Sant Francesc (Ciutadella)
Spain Religious

Carrer Puríssima, 9, Menorca

Neighborhood: Ciutadella
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