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Cavalleria Lighthouse

Viewpoint and Lighthouse | Playa de Cavallería - Mercadal
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Located on the northernmost tip of the island, Cavalleria lighthouse is reached by a long and sinuous road, leading straight up to the lighthouse. The beacon shines on the northern coastline and Fornells, another landmark for sailors on this stretch of the island. Both the lighthouse and the views are not to be missed. From a nearby cave about 20m long you can see the Isla des Porros in the distance. The cave can be spotted from the sea, if you are sailing by this area. At dusk, the sunsets are spectacular seen from here. The exhibition inside the lighthouse is well worth visiting. It is about the building of the seven lighthouses in Menorca and why they are still in use, with lots of pictures and interaction, and is suitable for children. The many shipwrecks in the area – more than 700 since the 14th century - were the reason why it was built in 1857 where it still stands today. It is a magnet for tourists seeking exceptional scenery, for sportsmen and women who cycle here on the Lighthouse Cycling Tour every year, as well as for local people who like to come here. There is a small bar at the foot of the lighthouse.

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  • Cavalleria Lighthouse

    Wonderful place

  • Cavalleria Lighthouse

    Take your camera, just another Beauty spot, like the rest of this beautiful island

  • Cavalleria Lighthouse

    Traumhafte Aussichten

  • Cavalleria Lighthouse

    Una meraviglia!! Tenuto benissimo. Panorama mozzafiato. Facile da raggiungere.

  • Cavalleria Lighthouse

    bellisima vista

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Cavalleria Lighthouse
Spain Viewpoint and Lighthouse

Carretera Camides Far, Es Mercadal

Neighborhood: Playa de Cavallería - Mercadal
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