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Faro de Favaritx

Viewpoint and Lighthouse
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Located on the cape of the same name, the lighthouse of Favoritx is one of the most visited on the island both for its distinctive white tower whose silhouette highlights a black spiral band and for its rugged natural environment. Surrounded by imposing slate cliffs in a privileged setting, it is worth approaching this end of Menorca to recognize the uniqueness of this lighthouse in front of the rest of those who have the island. Built in 1922 with rock from the nearby quarry that allowed its construction, the orography surrounding Fav'ritx provides exceptional panoramas in sunny days, but also during rainy days, so you do not have to rely on the weather to visit it. The road that leads to Faherex also allows you to discover the Lake Cós des Síndic, whose perimeter is fenced to preserve its conservation. It is a natural raft of high ecological importance and a great beauty that is only formed in case of strong storms or rainwater, so the panorama is not always the same. Because of its proximity to the sea, the landscape provides that contrast of set that does not occur in any other lighthouse on the island. The Lighthouse of Fafaritx can be reached both on foot on a nice and long walk, as well as by car or bike. It is also possible to reach it by deviating slightly from the Cavalls camí, which also runs parallel to this stretch of coast. Next to the lighthouse and following the so-called vell de Faherex camí you can flow into the beautiful coves Presili and Tortuga cove, two must-see beaches in Menorca.

Faro de Favaritx
Spain Viewpoint and Lighthouse

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