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Torre d'en Galmés

Severdigheter | Alaior
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  • Torre d'en Galmés

    After visiting this site many times over the years more and more has been excavated showing in a better way how this site looked when it was inhabited by its last people to live there , it appears it has had quite a few different cultures living there over time adapting the site for there needs , the Taula precinct is of much interest as the slabs of stone visible inside are huge , the sign described this back in the 90s as being the work of giants that were later wiped out in the great flood well looking at the size of stones cut moved and put into place that theory is very believable, it all appears it’s from way back in antiquity than stated , very interesting site , which I always visit and will continue to .

  • Torre d'en Galmés

    Ceci est sans conteste notre lieu préféré ! Le site est immense et regroupe la majorité des architectures observables sur l’île, c’est donc un site très complet !! Les maisons étaient impressionnantes ! Et dans un état de conservation inouïe ! Je recommande fortement la visite de ce lieu !!!!

  • Torre d'en Galmés

    Un site extraordinaire de part sa taille, sa conservation et la liberté de visite offerte au visiteur qui peut "S'immerger dans le site".! Une belle expérience ! Merci aux personnes qui donnent de leur temps pour maintenir et rendre accessible un tel endroit!

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Torre d'en Galmés
Spania Severdigheter

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Neighborhood: Alaior
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