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Cala Galdana, Cala Santa Galdana or Cala Santagaldana is situated at seven kilometres from Ferreries, located between Morro de Ponent and Penyal Vermell, as well as next to the village with the same name and surrounded by mirador des Riu and sa Punta (excellent panoramic views). The name is given by the Arab word Guad-al Ana. This beach is considered to be the most visited and popular in Menorca, one of the most beautiful and touristy centres isolated in a wide and virgin natural region. This coastal corner is the result of a sea inlet which together with the mouth of the torrents Algendar and Algendaret are the origin of a wetland, used as jetty and with many birds (like the pilgrim falcon), bats, frogs, toads and shrews. This sea inlet is the origin of an enormous bay, surrounded by quite high rocks, covered by thick pine woods and buildings, with touristy buildings and residential houses in the proximity. It has fine-grained white sand, gentle slope, and calm crystal clear water. The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are excellent and as port to stay even over night. The entrance is three hectometres large. It has an orientation toward northeast-southwest and a sandy ground with seaweed in the north-western area, with a depth of five metres. The best anchorage in this sheltered by is in the southeast. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs and the deviations. The private car can be left on a free parking area in the surroundings. This beach has received the 14001 environmental certification. Main technical dataType of access: 450 metersType of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boats Average width: 45 meters Access for disabled people: Yes Degree of occupancy: High Anchoring zone: Yes

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Number of user reviews:53.5
  • Cala Galdana

    Very tourist based but has some great cafes & the beach isn't overloaded. Would recommend.

  • Cala Galdana

    Siamo andati via subito, in quanto il mare non era paradisiaco come in altri posti qui a Minorca!

  • Cala Galdana

    super guai

  • Cala Galdana

    Mare cristallino e sabbia bianca!! È una spiaggia molto commerciale in quanto vi si affacciano degli hotel! Ci sono bar e docce....merita sicuramente una visita! Tramite un percorso a piedi si può arrivare alla vicina cala mjtiana...favolosa!!

  • Cala Galdana

    Mir persönlich zu Voll ...

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