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Platja de Macarelleta is situated at 14 kilometres from Ciutadella, located between es Castellet de Macarella and Cala Macarella. The name is given by the small size and the name of the big sister. This isolated virgin beach is located on the eastern side of the sea inlet which is also the origin of the nearby Cala Macarella. It is located at the end of another sea inlet, which is smaller, narrow and perpendicular to the bigger one. It is surrounded by high and steep cliffs of the adjacent headlands, covered by thick pine woods, which belong to the Àrea Natural d'Especial Interès of the south coast of Ciutadella. This landscape is typical for the southern menorcan coast. Then the coast gets higher, it becomes steep and inaccessible except at the sea inlets and the mouth of a torrent or canyons, where you can find beautiful bathing areas and excellent sea shelters. This beautiful cove is shell-shaped, it has fine-grained white sand, a gentle slope, crystal clear water, it is exposed to the wind from the east-southeast and it is not very crowded by local visitors and tourists. The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are good because it is quite more sheltered from the wind than Cala Macarella. There are two options to anchor in this bay: in the eastern area, where there is a depth of four metres, or in the west, on a sandy ground. The accessibility by car is easy until Cala Macarella. Then you have to walk on a trail for 1,45 kilometres. When the beach has a lifeguard service, you must follow the lifeguards' instructions and the warnings on flags. A red flag indicates dangerous swimming conditions and means that swimming is not permitted. A yellow flag indicates that precaution must be taken, but that swimming is permitted. A green flag indicates that swimming is permitted. An orange flag is used to indicate that the lifeguard is absent. Act cautiously when no lifeguard is present or the service is not available and enjoy the beach without taking any unnecessary risks. For health and safety reasons, the municipal ordinances ban pets on beaches. Main technical data Type of access: 20 meters Type of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boats Average width: 40 meters Access for disabled people: No Degree of occupancy: Medium Anchoring zone: No

Travelers reviews
Number of user reviews:74.3
  • Macarelleta

    Preciosa Cala ! Limpia , tranquila , fuimos pronto he hicimos camino desde cala Galdana , está muy xulo pero para volver se hace más durillo por q estás cansada pero sarna con gusto no pica ..ji Recomendada 100 por 100

  • Macarelleta

    A reventar de gente. Playa nudista sin nudista

  • Macarelleta

    stupenda vista dall'alto

  • Macarelleta

    Para mí mucho más bonita que Macarella, aguas cristalinas y peces, el camino es un poco duro pero se aguanta bien, lo único es que gay días que está llena y ya NO es nudista, se echa de menos, pero ahora mismo los textiles son mayoría

  • Macarelleta

    Molto carina ma troppo affollata sin dalle prime ore del mattino: almeno a fine Luglio.

  • Macarelleta

    Preciosa playa y pequeña (muy pequeña) escondida entre dos acantilados. Hay que caminar un rato por camino de caballos pasando antes por Macarella. En ciertas ocasiones es imposible plantar la toalla, es por eso que no le doy las 5 estrellas.

  • Macarelleta

    Ideal para darse un baño a las 7 de la mañana, playa nudista totalmente desierta a esas horas. Arena blanca, aguas cálidas y cristalinas..... Un sueño

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