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The prehistoric tomb at Son Olivaret

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This 4000-year-old collective ossuary will allow new data on the island of Menorca's society and pre-Talayotic culture to be collected. The prehistoric burial ground at Son Olivaret, an unknown and intact site discovered by the Museu de Menorca's team of archaeologists in 2004, is situated at a point with wonderful panoramic views in the vicinity of the military battery at Son Olivaret in Ciutadella . This collective ossuary was in use between 2,300 and 900 B.C. and the enclosure was covered by stone slabs. It consists of an oval-shaped double wall with an entrance facing the southwest, a corridor and an inner chamber where most of the human and ceramic remains can be found. Approximately six hundred ceramic shards and bone fragments were recovered during last year's excavations, which may correspond to more than 50 children and adults. Among the most striking findings are a dozen ceramic glasses, several triangular-shaped bones, beads, a pendant, a bronze needle and even a slingshot stone. The remains are being studied in the Museu de Menorca and will shortly be on display at Ciutadella's Municipal Museu.

The prehistoric tomb at Son Olivaret
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