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This is a landmark architectural complex at the heart of the old town of Ciudadela, giving it huge potential as a focus of considerable cultural interest. The Church of St Mary, consecrated as a cathedral in 1795, was built on the orders of King Alfonso III after the conquest of Minorca (1287). It belongs to the Catalan Gothic style with a single 14.5-metre-wide nave, covered by a cross-ribbed vault in six sections, 23 m in height. The chapels are separated by three-lobed pilasters topped by capitals decorated with floral motifs. The Cathedral was severely pillaged on two occasions, the first being the Turkish assault of 1558, and this second during the Spanish Civil War. From the late 16th century onwards it underwent considerable refurbishment over the centuries. The Neoclassical gateway on the main facade, for example, conceals a particularly significant older Gothic gateway. A comprehensive restoration process began in 1986, both outside and within, giving the cathedral a new appearance and highlighting its spaciousness while giving natural light pride of place. The restored choir seating reinstated the seats and episcopal throne belonging to the former choir dating from the 18th century. Particular mention should be made of the Chapel of Souls, dating from the late 17th century, in the Baroque style, the Neoclassical Chapel of the Holy Virgin, from the 19th century, and the Chapel of the Most Holy, built at the end of the same century. The bell tower reveals at the base the former minaret of the main mosque of the Moslem Medina. In summer the Cathedral hosts organ concerts which make a visit all the more worthwhile. The organ, built in 1993 by Gabriel Blancafort i París, is positioned above the Clock Gateway (Gateway of Light). The Cathedral Museum likewise provides an insight into its treasures (liturgical vestments, works in precious metals, wood carvings, paintings and other exhibits of particular interest)

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Menorca Cathedral
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Neighborhood: Ciutadella
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